GeoBC, in partnership with the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing (MAH), is undertaking a significant mapping project to create legal digital boundaries for Improvement Districts (ID) in the province of BC.  Repeating the work flow that was recently completed – to create the official/legal Regional District, Electoral Area and Municipal boundaries – the legal metes and bounds of the ID’s will be interpreted and consolidated to create boundaries for over two-hundred (200) ID’s, which oversee the supply of services outside of municipalities such as water provision and fire protection.  The digital line work will be loaded into GeoBC’s Administrative Boundary Management System (ABMS), and both the linework and legal maps for each district will be continuously maintained, as boundaries change over time.

The resulting deliverables for this work will be:

  1. Digital mapping of the Improvement Districts contained in an operational file geodatabase to streamline future boundary changes.
  2. PDF plans that will become the new legal document.
  3. Digital versions of the boundary polygons loaded into the BC Geographic Warehouse (BCGW) and available as Open Data.
  4. A MAH webmap showing all legally mapped areas with download access to the maps.

Many Improvement District boundaries have likely been previously mapped, so there may be digital and/or paper copies of some IDs in local government offices.  The delineation of boundaries can be challenging, particularly when cadastral features have changed significantly since the legal metes and bound descriptions were written.  Any existing digital files or maps would be helpful as a starting point, even if they may not be current.  Please forward any spatial information you may have for the Improvement Districts to

GeoBC 2019 Lidar / Imagery Acquisition Program

This news item is an FYI for local governments that are planning emergency management planning and mapping.   New lidar and imagery data sets have been collected since 2016 (see green and yellow areas of map below) and are currently being collected in numerous areas of the province.

In 2006, GeoBC began to establish the framework for the use of LiDAR data in Provincial mapping applications in developing standards and specifications for the acquisition, quality control and production of LiDAR data.   As of today, GeoBC has become the de-facto Provincial point of contact for Lidar technology, offering technical advice, industry accepted standards and specifications & project management services that include: Procurement and evaluation services, contract management for clients (Internal & Industry), data acquisition and monitoring, quality assurance and quality control of products as well as data archiving and cataloguing services.  Our clients include government as well as non-government institutions such as BC Timber Sales, Western Forest Products, Okanagan Water Board, ATCO Wood Products Ltd, as well as federal clients such as NrCan.

For the year 2019, GeoBC is involved in the following projects (see orange polygons in image above ref: LidarBC Inventory / webmap):