A top priority for the ICI Society is collaborative data improvement, efficiencies and cost savings. Local Government, Utility and Provincial members of the Society have expressed a renewed interest in shared capital project planning and related cost savings.

The Joint Infrastructure initiative was developed a few years ago as a way for members who share Infrastructure data to more easily identify opportunities for coordination and cost sharing on Infrastructure projects while reducing service disruption for both constituents and clients.

To support this initiative, an aggregated Infrastructure Mains data layer from sewer, storm and water infrastructure maintained by Local Governments has been compiled with 54 Local Governments now sharing their Mains data via GeoShare.

Expanded coverage of the Infrastructure Mains layer will further the implementation of the Joint Infrastructure initiative and will return high value to participating members.

Contact us to set up GeoShare for Infrastructure Mains data submission.

Data Catalog Security Upgrade

The ICI Society Data Catalog has recently been upgraded to support encrypted connections. The Data Catalog is the FTP repository for member data uploads and downloads and new encrypted connections provide an additional layer of security to the username and password controls and data transfer audits already in place. Over the coming months, the ICI Society operations team will be working with our members to transition users to exclusive use of encrypted connections.

What kind of impact can our members expect?  Members who connect manually to the Data Catalog with intelligent clients – such as FileZilla or CuteFTP – are not likely to notice much of a difference, as their existing credentials will continue to function as the FTP client software handles the additional security protocol.  Members who have scripted upload or download functions will be contacted by the ICI Society Operations team to install updated versions of GeoShare scripts that have been enhanced to encrypt all communications.

Several of our members have already made the switch.  Like a flu shot for your data, it’s painless and provides peace of mind.  Staff will be contacting all GeoShare clients, but if you want to jump the queue and get an early immunity boost for your data, please contact Steve Mark, Stakeholder Engagement Coordinator.

Message from the Executive Director

Hello Society Members;

While working with you over the past 11 years has been an amazing experience, I will be retiring at the end of January 2020.

A lot has changed over those 11 years. When I started with the Society in 2008, we were still working to bring on all Local Governments in the province as members and aggregating a cadastral fabric from data delivered via mailed CDs.

Support from the CivicSpatial Grant program for Local Government spatial improvements, funded by Utility and Provincial members, certainly helped to cement member relations. The launch of AddressBC and the development of GeoShare’s automated data flows brought even more interest and participation and saw the growth of First Nations and Associate membership.

Now, with GeoShare’s extension, multidirectional data flows and three releases of our Web Map bringing new functionality and additional data layers, we continue to increase our members’ participation, leverage relationships and provide essential support for member-driven initiatives like ParcelMap BC adoption.

I have enjoyed helping the Society grow and evolve. With a renewed Constitution and Bylaws, Vision Statement, Governance Framework, clear priorities and greater communication channels within and between members and member segments, the Society has a sure footing for the road ahead.

Operationally, a series of firsts have also set the stage for excellence and have been the focus of my last year here. The exceptional results of our first Security Audit, the rich feedback from our series of hands-on 360LAB workshops, and in-depth consultations on data requirements have paved the way for a deeper understanding of how the Society can, and does, excel.

Thanks to the Directors, both current and past, for the supporting role that you provide, to my operational team, who are an invaluable asset to the Society, and to our members, whose commitment to data quality and collaboration sustains the Society’s vision.

I have fully appreciated the opportunity to play a small part in the success of this unique organization.

Ann Archibald