ICI Society Announces Cost-Sharing Service for Ortho-Imagery Acquisition

The ICI Society is pleased to announce an exciting new service offering for members: cost-sharing for the acquisition of orthographic imagery.

Since arriving as the new Executive Director of the Society at the end of January, I have worked with the Operations Team, the Board of Directors and many of our key stakeholders to explore ways in which the Society can build out its value proposition. This is based on a belief that we need to start thinking about the future of British Columbia in new ways – we need to consciously imagine and design our future. To do this, the Society wants to do an even better job of bringing people and data together to drive better decisions that lead to better outcomes for everyone. Equally, we want to facilitate processes that lead to increased value for our members. Cost-sharing for ortho-imagery acquisition is an example of this.

Working closely with BC Assessment, the Society has created a story map (see link below) that:

• Showcases both the benefits of cost-sharing for what can be an expensive undertaking; as well as

• Highlights the areas that BC Assessment will be flying this year. If your jurisdiction is being flown by

BC Assessment this year, and it’s been a while since you updated your imagery, why not partner up and split the cost?

Here’s the link to the story map:


This is only the beginning of what we envision for cost-sharing around ortho-imagery acquisition. While it would be great to see as many local governments and First Nations as possible partner with BC Assessment this year, the bigger prize is creating a platform that enables as many Society members as possible to share plans, do advance budgeting and build out a cost-sharing program covering multiple years. We are actively engaged in the design of that larger initiative now – and we welcome your reaction and feedback as we move forward.

To learn more about our cost-sharing for ortho-imagery program, to register your interest in being part of the 2020 program with BC Assessment, or simply to talk with us about how we can make this work for your organization, please contact Steve Mark at smark@icisociety.ca.

Thank you for your membership in the Society. Thank you for helping us deliver greater value to our members.

Rob Abbott

Executive Director