Incorporated in May 2001 and registered under the BC Societies Act, the Society works to facilitate collaborative integration of spatial data from Local Government, Provincial Government, First Nations and major Utilities in British Columbia.

Funded by the BC Provincial Government, BC Assessment Authority, BC Land Title and Survey Authority, Utility members, and Associate members, the Society supports data-sharing initiatives that standardize, aggregate, integrate, and provide one-stop access to the best available geospatial data for British Columbia.


We facilitate and streamline information sharing and provide education and training on key data and data services.


ParcelMap BC (PMBC)

Maintained and contributed by LTSA, ParcelMap BC represents the single, complete, trusted and sustainable spatial representation of cadastre in BC.

ICI Cadastre

ICI Cadastre is a Society aggregated fabric of cadastral data maintained and provided by Local Government, as well as GeoBC’s Integrated Cadastral Fabric and ParcelMap BC where in use by Local Government.


Address data maintained and provided by Local Government and First Nations is aggregated by the Society to populate AddressBC; a central and authoritative civic address registry for BC.


Assessment data maintained and contributed by BC Assessment is a geospatial representation of the assessment roll that utilizes ParcelMap BC spatial alignment.


Infrastructure data maintained and contributed by major Utility organizations operating in BC.

Local Government infrastructure data, including sewer, storm and water mains is aggregated to provide a single source of Local Government Mains data.

New Initiatives

Ongoing development is focused on cost-effective sharing of spatial data that improves data quality, currency and access through collaboration.


Map Viewer

On-going upgrades to the Map Viewer support viewing and downloading shared data.

Data Catalog

Easy access to downloadable data packages, customizable to members’ business and technical requirements.


Automated, scheduled data sharing processes, customizable to members’ business and technical requirements.

Information Technology

Robust IT infrastructure enables and secures all ICI Society data services.


Member forums, user conferences, hands-on 360LABs, online training and member-led working groups.