AddressBC Geocoder

Announcing new AddressBC Geocoder Q/A reports!

A new set of BC Address Geocoder Correlation Reports are now available for AddressBC, and the results show a correlation increase of 5% over the last period with an average correspondence score of 98%.

This is a direct result of the collaborative effort by address data managers and data consumers amongst the Society’s provincial, local government and utility members and the committed work of the AddressBC Working Group. Through this effort, the last quarter saw approximately 250,000 address inconsistencies resolved.

As part of the Society’s commitment to improving data quality for all shared data-sets, AddressBC, as an aggregated address source, undergoes regular Q/A checks against other key data-sets such as GeoBC’s Digital Road Atlas to ensure consistency of address information critical to the delivery of essential services. The Geocoder Correlation Reports provide address custodians with address-by-address metrics on how well AddressBC and the Digital Road Atlas, well, correlate.

Inconsistencies between these sources can mean that one of these sources is out of date or in error.  Ultimately, erroneous or out-of-date addressing can impact services that rely on address data, from inventory and notification activities up to and including dispatch and emergency response.

Providing these Q/A metrics directly to address managers has proved to be an effective tool to encourage coordination and alignment on address information provided to the Society by local and regional governments to populate AddressBC.

Even with the impressive Q/A results since early this year, continued efforts by address managers are required to ensure ongoing correlation.  To assist with this, the Society offers grants of $1,000 through the CivicSpatial Grant Program for local government and First Nations address providers.

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To find out more about the BC Address Geocoder and how the Society integrates with this service please contact Steve Mark, Technical Coordinator.