AddressBC: A Consumers Point of View of AddressBC Information

The Integrated Cadastral Information Society (ICI Society) is well into the 2018 User Conference Series with two events successfully completed and more scheduled. Carol Ogborne, one of our featured guest speakers, has provided a short article on GeoBC’s use of AddressBC and GeoShare products, highlighting how these tools and the additional support of AddressBC QA Grant funding  work to improve the accuracy of address data that is essential for first responders. 

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By: Carol Ogborne
Section Head, Base Mapping and Cadastre
Forests, Lands, Natural Resource Operations & Rural Development, GeoBC

The Ministry of Forests, Land, Natural Resource Operations and Rural Development, GeoBC Branch utilizes the AddressBC product, provided by the ICI Society for several aspects of its day-to-day workflow. AddressBC is a central, aggregated, accessible, point-based, civic address registry for British Columbia available to members of the ICI Society. The addressing information provided by the local government addressing authorities is utilized to provide support during all emergency response situations that the province supports such as Wildfires and Spring Freshets. The data is also utilized daily to ensure that the road address ranges are correct for all of the E911 products that the branch supports.

GeoBC provides support to ECOMM 911 and its partner agencies, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP), BC Ambulance Service (BCAS) and Insurance Corporation of British Columbia (ICBC) with various data products that are used to support first responders and accident statistic reporting. The ranges used on the roads are theoretical addressing where 100m addressing and/or 100 block addressing is assigned to road segments. This ensures that if a new address is added to a road segment before the updates are pushed out to clients, that the address will likely already be contained on the road segment to ensure proper E911 response between deliveries.

The ICI Society and DataBC provides ICI members/address providers with a quality assurance report that shows where there may be addressing errors in AddressBC. It is vital that the addressing authorities act upon the information in the reports to ensure that the value-added delivery products produced by GeoBC are correct. A feedback loop between AddressBC to the address providers helps facilitate addressing quality. The errors in the reports, for example, can range from errors in the road base information (which GeoBC needs to rectify), submitted addressing errors, missing addresses or street signage errors. Not correcting these errors means that the information being provided to E911 may be incorrect which means police, fire and ambulance will be delayed in responding to a call.

ICI Society technical staff have been able to make significant improvements to the AddressBC dataset in response to feedback from consumers like GeoBC and DataBC. To make the dataset the best it can be now requires local authorities to review the quality assurance reports and correct simple issues, for example, spelling errors, incorrect street types or street names, having more than one address indicated in the address field, unnecessary spaces or characters or more than one street name.

We are moving in the right direction through the work that was completed on AddressBC in the summer of 2017 and through continued meetings to discuss and implement additional improvements.  As AddressBC is a single source of addressing information, it can be utilized to validate the theoretical address ranges on the road product. The consumer can see if the address point information does correspond to the street name and type as well it provides a unified source of information to ensure that the E911 products for the province are accurate based on the information being supplied by the custodians of the address information.

The AddressBC QA reports are currently available on our Data Catalog.

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