Member Story: City of Kimberley

About Kimberley & its Team

The citizens of the City of Kimberley (Kimberley) agree that, “it’s a good place to be.” The community of about 7,400 residents is located in southeast British Columbia, Canada along Highway 95A between the Purcell and Rocky Mountains. Known as a resort community, the picturesque area is a destination for skiing, hiking, biking, river rafting, golfing and all things outdoors.

Kimberley became a member of the Integrated Cadastral Information Society (ICI Society) in 2007. Prior to this time, like many small local governments, Kimberley relied on a paper-based system. Delivering GIS information to constituents was labour-intensive and time-consuming with, on average, a 2-3 day wait. Each request for information involved manual searches of paper-based records and lots of photo-copying.

Christopher Evan Jones came on board as the Planner in Kimberley in 2015. Working with the Manager of Planning, his role includes GIS, issuing building permits and interfacing with the community for their GIS and Planning inquiries.

Benefits of ParcelMap BC for Kimberley

With the support of the ICI Society, Kimberley’s Planning Department has chosen to fully adopt ParcelMap BC (PMBC), the Land Title and Survey Authority of British Columbia’s current, complete and trusted visual representation of titled and Crown land parcels in BC as their primary cadastral layer. The adoption of ParcelMap BC has allowed Kimberley to improve the speed and efficiency of land-related research, planning and business decisions.

By leveraging data available through PMBC, the ICI Society, and local information, Christopher was able to create a website for Kimberley to deliver spatial data to constituents through their website ( What started out as a way for Christopher to organize information for his new role with Kimberley has now become a powerful new tool that is accessible to staff and the Kimberley community.

“The adoption of ParcelMap BC and the relative ease of access to data by our constituents has resulted in faster responses to inquiries, from 2-3 days to 10 minutes,” states Christopher Jones. “Having access to more current, consistent and accurate data has provided a level of confidence in the information that didn’t exist with paper-based system.”

The impact of ParcelMap BC adoption and elimination of the paper-based system is significant. Web-based access to land-related inquiries has reduced dependence on a small department and enabled inquiries to happen in real-time, anytime. Automation has accelerated data integration, which means more current information is available.

What the Future Holds

The City of Kimberley is averaging 400-500 users per month at their planning site, with 70% being new users. Half of these users are in Kimberley and its surrounding areas, with the remainder from other locations throughout BC and Western Canada. Users include land owners, real estate agents, purchasers, lawyers, developers and tradespeople. With the next version, BC Assessment and property tax information will also be available through the planning site.

“The next step for Kimberley is to get other departments on board. Our operations team has started a trial run with WiFi/LTE tablets which will allow them to connect to ParcelMap BC and internal information while in the field,” says Chris Jones. “We are slowly adding new services to accommodate the needs of other departments in our organization.”

Kimberley and ICI Society Operations have worked together to define a custom GeoShare package that includes ParcelMap BC. This custom GeoShare package is delivered weekly and includes the latest ParcelMap BC snapshot with parcel identifiers, custom formatted to streamline integration with Kimberley’s existing municipal software and datasets. The package also includes the ParcelMap BC Real World Changes and Spatial Improvement products for the prior week, and other useful GIS layers from the ICI Society database, from contributors such as BC Hydro, FortisBC, Shaw and TELUS infrastructure.

“The integration of ParcelMap BC with our existing resources has improved communications between City departments, external agencies and members of our community – providing a consistent framework for leveraging new ideas and insights to better plan the future of our municipality.”

Scott Sommerville,
Chief Administrative Officer (CAO),
City of Kimberley

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