ParcelMap BC Data Products

Online Resources for ParcelMap BC

Significant updates and additional online resources have been incorporated into the Land Title and Survey Authority (LTSA) ParcelMap BC homepage to help ParcelMap BC users and facilitate stakeholder adoption of ParcelMap BC.

Based on input from the ParcelMap BC Adoption Working Group (AWG) and the greater ParcelMap BC community support resources have been tailored to meet more user needs as members gain insight into the benefits of utilizing ParcelMap BC.

New or updated online resources supporting ParcelMap BC include:

  • Definitions for how the Owner Type for a parcel is classified in ParcelMap BC, detailing the closest-to-source criteria used to build trust.
  • Updates on the status of ParcelMap BC adoption, including the list and map of current adopters and progress charts as organizations transition to ParcelMap BC, providing transparency and insight for stakeholders and users.

The ICI Society, along with the LTSA are helping BC local governments and other organizations transition to ParcelMap BC as the current, complete and trusted representation of titled and Crown land parcels in BC.