PMBC Adoption Working Group

PMBC AWG Outcomes October 2108

The Integrated Cadastral Information Society (ICI Society) and the Land Title and Survey Authority of British Columbia (LTSA) continue to provide local governments with more resources and tools to facilitate the adoption of ParcelMap BC. As part of that delivery, an Adoption Working Group was formed to act as a forum where participating organizations collaborate with facilitators to identify challenges and solutions for the successful province-wide adoption of ParcelMap BC.

The objective of the first working group session held in September was two-fold. First, the participants were asked what 3rd party data sources such as ALR and Federal Lands, are influential to the adoption of PMBC by their organization. Secondly, for members to gain an understanding of the LTSA’s Spatial Improvement application that demonstrates how LTSA rigorously defines and adjusts both relative and absolute positions of parcels through quality assessment and adjustment readiness.

Out of these exercises, the well-attended sessions were able to conclude that 3rd party data dependencies do not pose a significant barrier to PMBC adoption but are a ‘nice to have’. Jason Hart, a consultant working with the City of Penticton on PMBC adoption stated, “Dependency between PMBC and ALR data should not be a real barrier to adoption – alignment between the two data sets “would be ideal,” but is not a barrier to adoption.”

Federal Lands data is also considered a ‘nice to have’ benefit for the LTSA to continue exploring. From a policy and practice perspective, the LTSA will reignite discussions with Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) about the possibility of strengthening NRCan data and parcel fabric data alignment. The LTSA will also facilitate discussions with Esri Canada on the technology requirements and standards needed to develop data compilations that can save members from duplicating efforts.

The breakthrough discovery that 3rd party data dependencies are not at issue was underscored by the enthusiasm around the spatial improvement application spearheaded by LTSA. The visual guide showcases where spatial improvements have been identified and are currently being addressed by LTSA. Brian Goble of the City of Sooke encouraged “AWG members to use the app to ‘walk around’ their jurisdiction to detect issues.” As the Spatial Improvement application has been met with very positive reviews amongst AWG members, LTSA is taking steps to make the application available to ICI Society members in the coming weeks.

One of the topics for the next Adoption Working Group to be held on November 21st will be centered around linking PMBC data to BCA XML data advice.

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