Last week, we deployed a new FTP Server to continue to provide access to the best available geospatial data across BC. The upgrade comes with a number of improvements to the Data Catalog and FTP accounts:

SFTP and HTTPS Protocol Enabled

GeoShare processes can now run via SFTP and HTTPS, in addition to FTP & FTPS. This means the Data Catalog is accessible via web browser!

We will eventually be retiring the basic FTP protocol, because only plain text authentication is transmitted and therefore it is not secure.

We strongly encourage users to update their connections to SFTP or FTPS protocol if they are using an FTP client (e.g., FileZilla), or use a web browser to connect to the Data Catalog.

All new user accounts created will not be allowed to connect via non-secured FTP protocol. Only secured (encrypted) connections will be supported going forward. SFTP is recommended when using an FTP client connection.

Non-secured FTP access used by existing members will be phased out in the future.

FTPS Protocol
Port: 990

SFTP Protocol
Port 22

Users can now manage their account settings.

With the new browser interface, users can change their passwords and set up security questions for account recovery.

Please note that these changes relate to only the Data Catalog (username ending in ‘_ftp’) and are not applicable to Map Viewer and Collaboration Portal accounts.